How Did It Go?

Full Moon First Summer's Night

Your host Steve Key didn't play his usual opening set, but he did add harmonies to four songs in Ynana Rose's featured set, and had the gall to borrow Ynana's guitar and sing his minor-key reworking of her song "Do You Dream of Me". The opening set went to hometown favorite Tim Jackson, accompanied by Debra Windsong on blues harp. Dorian Michael added lead guitar for two songs as well.

The little tasting room of Bang the Drum was packed with listeners, and the patio was filled with people who might have been listening too. But there was a positive vibe the whole night, as we enjoyed a cool summer's evening and an excellent lineup of talent.

Paso Roblan Nick Brittan was second in the lineup, opening with a cover of Guy Clark's "Mud" and closing with an original Nick described as "crass", inspired by his old job at Hunter-Liggett. You might be surprised at how many things rhyme with Liggett. Nick's sweet-sounding guitar made it hard for him to be crass, just a little silly perhaps.

Newcomer David Trull offered free CDs, and introduced us to some of the originals from his 10-track collection. He's on tour from St. Louis (if you're reading this on Wed. June 22, catch him tonight 7-9pm at Linnaea's Cafe), so your host dubbed it his "St. Louis to San Luis Tour".

Jennifer Martin hushed the room with her nimble guitar instrumentals. She gave a Father's Day dedication to her composition "My Dad Jack", and afterwards asked the audience "could you hear the power tools in there?"

Lompoc's Matt Yaki also showed off some fine guitar work, as well as wry humor. "I was hungry when I wrote that," he said after one food-themed ballad. Then it was on to our featured act, soulful vocalist Ynana Rose, with Dorian Michael adding bluesy lead guitar to Ynana's folk strumming. Ynana debuted two new songs to close out her set, dedicating one to the community of songwriters she has found on our showcases.

You'll want to catch our next show at Bang the Drum, Tuesday July 19 features Damon Castillo with Reese Galido, Melody Klemin, J.B. Beverley, Zak Fennie, and Shelby Lanterman. All this and craft-beer too!

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